Dancer Designs

About Dancer Designs

 Dancer Designs is the dream of James Dancer, woodworker and designer living in Crockett, TX.  

James is originally from Houston, TX.  He spent close to 10 years in Denver, Co. working on stages and as a lighting tech, among other things, in the live music industry.  This helped him develop an eye for design and a keen attention to detail.

After moving back to Texas he decided to take a new course and follow in his grandfather's footsteps and take up woodworking.  While living in Wimberley, TX he found a mentor that would show him the basics and gave him access to the tools to do things right.  He absolutely fell in love with the craft and jumped in with both feet.

From pens to cutting boards to bowls to table tops to handles for various items to custom woodworking... James LOVES to design and make it.